NOV.2018 The Quadrant, Richmond – Planning Approval

NOV.2018 The Quadrant, Richmond – Planning Approval

JAIA Architects are pleased to announce that a full planning permission has been granted for the proposed works on the residential scheme The Quadrant based in Richmond. The Quadrant consists of two new 2-storey dwelling houses which seeks to maximise the efficient use of the land to the rear of the site. The ground floor contains the private spaces including two double bedrooms and one bathroom, and the upper level accommodating the living and dining space along with a patio area. The exterior appearance uses a mixture of vertical timber cladding and metal cladding to form a contrasting look of both warm, natural materials, and also a modern monolithic appearance created by the metal cladding.

JAIA Architects - Richmond Quadrant 1 - W2400

JAIA Architects - Richmond Quadrant 2 - W2400

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