Post-Industrial Urban Park

Coexistence of Public and Industrial Space In the city today, industrial zones are now often occupied by the so-called recycling industry, situated on strips of brownfield. As their operations are considered an urban hazard, they tend to be isolated from other urban components, such as public territory. This situation creates a heterogeneous atmosphere where the two territories meet. The site is located in Battersea within an industrial zone completely surrounded by a residential area. This project aims at solving or improving the territorial heterogeneity by analysing the recycling activities, in particular at the metal recycling and sorting yard. By considering its operational facilities and processes, the proposal attempts to re-organise and compartmentalize them in order to achieve greater integration with public facilities. This is to revise its function to not only sorting and recycling metal but also public space. In between the components and processes of the industrial area, a new type of urban park is proposed to be integrated. By this means, the industrial components could be the elements of the park so that they create a shared space.