Project details

21 Chapel Street in Petersfield is a good example of a small-scale regeneration project that revitalised a run-down high street retail shop with derelict residential units above and a warehouse in the back.

The location is part of the Petersfield Conservation Area. Chapel Street emerges from THE SQUARE’s north-west corner, forming part of the historic street pattern that connects a triangular area of land to the town centre and the mid-nineteenth century street layout.

JAIA Architects proposed a higher pitched roof with dormers to the front for the enlargement of two residential units and the conversion of a derelict warehouse in the back to three flats, while splitting the ground retail unit into a main retail unit to the front and two smaller units to the side alley to improve the pedestrian path to an anchor shop (Waitrose) behind the high street.

The mixed-use development scheme has been praised by the LPA planning and conservation officers and a full planning approval was granted in 2012.