FLEXELLS is a lamp shade to be placed around a lamp. The lamp shade is made of elongated slats each with a hole at both ends where each slat is joined to at least one other slats. Each fi rst hole is joined to the second hole of at least one other slat, such that holes of each slat are coaxially aligned to form a pivot axis, which accumulatively form rings, which stacked one on top of the other form a column.

The nature of FLEXELLS allows extreme flexibility in structure. The structure of the lampshade is itself a surface which can be played with to create an endless number of shapes and patterns.

FLEXELLS is not limited to 6-sided hexagonal patterns but can be produced with different numbers of sides for more various and more complex patterns.

Lighting pattern
Through different slat confi gurations, FLEXELLS enables various different lighting patterns. The light comes out from between the interlaced slats and projects beautiful 3D patterns onto the walls.