Niigata Community Centre

Conversion of Archive space into Community Centre, Niigata, Japan

This project was to bring an abandoned archive space back in use so that the villagers can use it as a community centre. The space is situated right above main entrance of an elementary school’s gymnasium in a small village. Description of the space before Conversion; The access is from outside of the main building through separated staircase. The staircase is completely dark with no openings to get light in and it is unstable. The size of main space is good enough to house 40 people. It also has big opening to get enough daylight and amazing views. The visual connection between the archive space and the village is not ease because the position of the village from the façade of the building is skewed (site plan).

Design concept
1 – Reorientate people’s position to face the village for easier visual connection.
2 – Provide new pleasant staircase (vertical connection) and easy access.
3 – A playful structure with seats.
4 – Use existing building structure.