A Bus Stop

A Bus Stop, Tan-Nan village, Taiwan

This project was located in a small village that was badly destroyed by an earthquake. The workshop resulted from the idea to give a small hope to local community. And some architectural students from a local university also participated in. The design concept of this Bus Stop came from a legend of the village, which is Hunting House. Traditionally hunters had to stay in the house over night. And according to the dream they had, they decided whether they can go to hunt or not. The notion of Bus Stop is a beginning point to somewhere to go but it dose not mean that the villagers should leave; it is more for the connection to outside. The workshop aimed to maximize the use of available local materials such as slat.

3000×4500×3500mm (W×L×H)

Slat, timber, concrete, sand, steel mesh, pebble, red brick, bolt and nut