Time Machine

Time Machine_A Machine that is to isolate us from duration

in the perception of the reversibility of phenomena which means the apple will be seen bouncing
up from the earth onto the branch.
– Alfred Jarry, Adventures in ‘Pataphysics: collected works 1
It was a project of translations between “Thought-Writing-Materalization”. By understanding Jarry’s Pataphysics and his writing ‘Practical Construction of the Time Machine’, it tries to understand the relationships of different mediums. The followings are some of descriptions of how to build Time Machine in his writing. Luminiferous ether; 1-Perfectly elastic solid, 2-Subject to gravitational attraction in order to remain in the same spatial locality on earth, 3-Sufficiently independent of the earth’s diurnal movement to maintain its orientation in absolute space.

300×600×750 mm (W×L×H)

Hardwood, plywood (9mm), perspex, electric motor, steel rods, water