Project details

The Competition has been organised by RIBA and Places Matter! (the architecture centre for the Northwest) with Magnus Homes who is an experienced house building company based in the north of England.

Key Objectives of the scheme are;

1. Challenges of permeable development for all residential, commercial and public

2. Enjoyment of views to the marina for all. As the ‘amenity’ element is placed through the whole development, residents, office workers and public have benefit from daylight and elevated views to the sea from each amenity spaces designed.

3. Promoting security and a feeling of safety within the home. The three independent residential blocks with separate cores promote security and dedicated communal area.

4. Efficient construction methods using simple components

The scheme tries to achieve not only high quality architectural design but also maximum development of the site by proposing mixture of 2 beds, 3 beds and Penthouse with 4,399 sqm (45,208 sqft) commercial space in highly conservative area of the city.