Bentcliffe House

Bentcliffe House

Project details

The existing property on the site is located on a cliff and has a splendid view to the sea. However, the precarious structural condition of the building requires redevelopment. The client is a private individual who requires a modern looking house which provides him with his own work space. The design opportunities between old vs new, and residential vs work make an interesting challenge for this project.

One central design principle is to maximize the joy of the sea view in all the most important entertainment and living spaces. A second principle was to provide the double storey height living room areas to overcome the level differences between the high access level and the living areas below. Thirdly, the scheme was concieved ecologically to achieve environmentally friendly conditions by providing a green roof, permeable paving, rainwater harvest, greywater use, and a boarhole system (using heat from the bedrock). Vernacular materials have been applied in the external finish.

One of the outstanding features is the swimming pool which gives the impression from the lower deck of continuing infinitely into the sea.