• Forgotten Spaces

    Underused spaces in London are great hidden assets which the great city has. JAIA keeps watching out to identify these abandoned potentials and come up with regeneration ideas engaging with community, local council and private stakeholders. Forgotten spaces was one of the successful opportunities in which JAIA was awarded a commendation and was able to meet considerable private stakeholder’s interest.

  • Lighting Design

    Lighting can dramatically change the impression of architecture internally and externally at night scene. JAIA’s creative ability to equip architectural proposals with various lighting design ideas was successful enough to win the best public interior design award in 2013 Surface design award.  Old GSP is also a good example of external lighting design by JAIA.

  • Old GSP

    Public realm is a public domain which can easily be underused by lack of consideration in not only spatial quality but also considerate uses. Old GSP was a successful scheme to demonstrate how JAIA can convert an underused civic car park into a mixed use civic plaza by moving the multi-storey to the basement.

  • Whitehaven Competition

    Practical to users, Profitable to developers and beneficial to public are ongoing interest to JAIA’s residential development. Whitehaven project is one of the good examples to show how JAIA combine these three different assets into an architectural proposal. The form was created to maximise the public and private space.

  • Peabody Small Project Panel Competition

    New housing typologies are being developed by JAIA’s ongoing housing research to accommodate new market trends and accommodate future demand. A new concept of providing extensive private gardens to every flat in a new build development has been developed for the Peabody small project panel competition.

  • Larkhall Lane Completion

    Larkhall Land the infill development for 3 flats in Stockwell, Lambeth has finally been completed. JAIA has overcome various constraints to complete the very first project of the practice. The completed flats were received very well in the market.

  • Richmond project is coming out of the ground

    Initially designed as a development with 6 flats and 9 bedsit units, the scheme was not meeting local needs. JAIA was asked by the client to redesign the scheme to accommodate a 9 flat scheme. The new scheme has been successfully granted planning approval and is currently under construction.

  • Wimbledon House

    Construction of two luxury houses in Wimbledon has kicked off in November 2012. Piling is almost completed on site. JAIA has successfully managed to polish its planning scheme to receive “delighted” clients’ response to its improved design. The project is programmed for completion in 14 months time.

  • A Room for London

    JAIA has submitted an entry for the architectural competition “A Room for London”, which seeks a unique temporary one room hotel on the roof of Queen Elizabeth Hall at the Southbank Centre in London. JAIA’s proposal “Milk pack house” shows the essence of being “temporary” not only in appearance but also in the operational and structural sense.

Recent Work


Joint Architectural Intelligence Associates


JAIA Development Platform

The collective thinking of JAIA architects draws upon experience from their own career, studies and experiments for JAIA’s unique Joint Architectural Intelligence.

Joint Architectural Intelligence recognise individual projects, research works and creative approaches as valuable intellectual assets to be reused for either repetitive or hybrid approach. Having collated highly professional intelligence over the last 20 years of JAIA members expert experiences, JAIA persist to be a unique architectural practice crossing over the boundaries.

In architectural projects, JAIA provides a platform in which developers, funders, contractors and other consultants will operate together like an integrated project team to deliver a greater quality of architecture with a viable financial structure to the end users. The intelligence that JAIA collates gets fed into this platform and gives greater potential to all our partners.

JAIA People

Jai Hyuk Lee

Principal Director,

As a chartered architect of RIBA (The Royal Institute of British Architects), Jai Hyuk Lee is the principal director of JAIA. He has previously worked for KPF, Llewelyn Davies Yeang and PCKO in London. His 18 years professional experience includes Residential, Commercial, Education, Healthcare, Leisure, Mixed Use Development, Master-plan and Urban Planning, from early stage design to completion.

Joo Han Baek

AA Dipl.

Before becoming a director of JAIA, he previously worked for Edward Cullinan Architects, London. There he was involved in various office projects including Mixed Use, Education, Cultural, City Master-plan, and Residential. His unique experiences in various architectural workshops in Japan, Taiwan, France and India, have developed his knowledge of construction processes into another level.

Michael Ruthenbury

Architectural Assistant,

Michael Ruthenbury is a Part 2 Architectural Assistant having earned his diploma from Kingston University. Michael has experience working on residential and commercial projects from design through to construction. As well as Architecture, Michael has a keen interest in product design and runs his own design company selling his products to a wide range of shops in the UK and Internationally.

Alexandros Bertzouanis


Alex holds a degree of architectural engineering. His work includes designing and supervising for architectural projects in the residential sector. Deeply interested in integrating new technologies into the process of architectural design exploring fields like BIM integration, Algorithmic/Parametric Design, Augmented Reality and Prototyping. He has also participated in several architectural competitions and exhibitions.

Sulah Park

Architectural Assistant,

Sulah is working in the area of architecture and property development research at JAIA with international experience from UK, Korea and China. Her passion for property development is producing innovative research which reinforce and contribute to JAIA’s intelligence in ongoing projects. She is studying MSc International Real Estate and Planning at UCL and studied Interior and Spatial design at Chelsea where she earned a BA degree.

Kitae Kang

Architectural Assistant,

Kitae has graduated from intermediate and diploma levels at the Architectural Association. He also holds a degree of Architectural Engineering. He has experience with different scales of projects from making small and urban furniture to large scale master plans. He has developed great abilities of craftsmanship and being experimental and makes models for the office from the early stage conceptual to later stage presentation.

Julian McIntosh

Architectural Assistant,

Julian McIntosh is a part 1 architectural assistant who is currently studying for his part 2 qualification at the University of East London. Julian has experience working on architectural and Interior projects in the UK and overseas. He has previously worked for Chapman Taylor architects Shanghai office on his year out. Currently Julian is working on research surrounding the residential Intensification of brownfield sites within London.

Join JAIA!

Architectural Assistant,

JAIA is seeking a RIBA Part II architectural assistant with excellent design skills, technical ability and enthusiasm to work on a wide range of new projects. Applicants must have eligible visa status to work in the UK. Please email us your CV and some work examples in pdf format to info@jai-a.com

AUG. 2014 Clapham North

This mixed use development located in Clapham North has started to show its entire structure on site. The development comprises 5,000 sq ft ground floor retail and 4 No. 2 bed flats on 1st and 2nd floor. The proposed scheme uses SIP(Structural Insulated Panel) board to meet the client requirement to shorten the on-site construction […]

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JUL. 2014 Burghley Road House B Completion

This 7,000 sq ft spacious six bedroom Wimbledon house in a traditional style with contemporary details has been completed.  The bespoke  featured stair and double height opening  space connect through the open spaces on the ground and lower ground floor and large openings to the terraces allow extension of internal space to outside. Various spatial […]

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MAY. 2014 SORAYA London

A delicately designed boutique shop has been completed for a start-up fashion brand SORAYA London. The shop space has been designed to expand the perception of the space using mirrored surface to each of the bespoke designed joinery. The concept and the quality from start to completion has been delivered on time and budget. The […]

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APR. 2014 Wimbledon houses

These 2 bold and elegant houses are due for completion shortly. These meticulously designed houses are being praised by agents, viewers and developers for their unique floor layouts, interior and exterior design even before their completion. JAIA is proud of being the lead architect who professionally delivered planning, construction and interior design for these exceptionally […]

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DEC. 2013 Sherriff House

This residential development of 9 flats in Richmond has successfully completed. Located in Hampton Wick’s Conservation Area, these 1 and 2 bedroom flats have been designed to offer contemporary living in the midst of the amenities of Hampton Wick village. Each flat has been individually designed to offer bright living spaces, with comprehensive specifications and […]

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AUG. 2013 Wimbledon houses

Two luxurious single dwelling houses are starting to show their full appearances in Wimbledon village. As meticulously designed architecture and interior by JAIA, the project will be a showcase of JAIA’s high-end residential projects. Each of the house sizes is approximately 7,000 sqft and the construction has been scheduled to complete in Spring 2014.

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JUN. 2013 JAIA branch office opens in South Korea

The first JAIA branch has opened its office in South Korea. The director Benny Kim, who is in charge of the branch, has designed a very ambitious paper structured pop-up studio and cafe and delivered it to a high quality in terms of both structure and appearance. The specially processed hardboard paper has been used […]

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FEB. 2013 Surface Design Award 2013, Winner

We are pleased to announce that JAIA has won the Public Building Interior Surface award for Korean Film Archive project at Surface Design Awards 2013! Jai and Jee Yeon attended the award ceremony at Business Design Centre, London 7th FEB 2013 and were presented the trophy. The Korean Film Archive designed by JAIA Architects was […]

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JAN. 2013 Larkhall Lane Completion

Larkhall Lane the infill development for 3 flats in Stockwell, Lambeth has finally been completed. JAIA has overcome various constraints to complete the very first project of the practice. The completed flats were received very well in the market.

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DEC. 2012 Wimbledon House

Construction of two luxury houses in Wimbledon has kicked off in November 2012. Piling is almost completed on site. JAIA has successfully managed to polish its planning scheme to receive “delighted” clients’ response to its improved design. The project is programmed for completion in 14 months time.

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